Dr. Secko is always interested in speaking with prospective graduate students and research assistants that wish to study with the Concordia Science Journalism Project.

Prospective graduate students interested in completing a MA thesis with Dr. Secko need to first be accepted into the MA program in Journalism Studies in the Department of Journalism atConcordia University. Students interested in Ph.D. studies in science communication can consider applying to work with Dr. Secko as part of the Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology(CASB), which is the first research centre in Canada that is focused on synthetic biology.

Those interested in applying for research assistantships, or volunteering to learn something new, can contact Dr. Secko at anytime and be studying at any level.

Dr. Secko’s research team is currently focused on the study of science, environmental and health journalism, as well as public engagement on emerging biotechnologies. Recent publications can be found here.