September 29-30th & October 13-14th, 2012

Concordia University, Loyola Campus

Invitation Only

Advanced Biofuels: A Public Deliberation is an innovative public deliberation project held by researchers from Concordia University. Over two weekends, 25 people from Montreal will be invited to discuss and communicate their positions on biofuels.

The purpose of the event is to engage people in a broad dialogue about the promises and challenges of advanced (lignocellulosic) biofuels. This discussion is important because:

  1. Energy is one of the biggest issues of our time;
  2. Governments worldwide are seeking sustainable energy sources such as biofuels;
  3. Some argue 1st generation biofuels are a serious deviation away from sustainable practices;
  4. Canada is now poised to enter a new phase of biofuel production with a focus on lignocellulosic ethanol (or biofuel more broadly) production facilities;
  5. Broad public dialogue over the need for advanced biofuels in Canada is lacking.

The event will seek views on the need for advanced biofuels in Canada. If a need exists then views will be sought on how to offer more socially acceptable biofuels based on the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass.

This project receives support from the following organizations: Genome Canada and Genome Quebec through the Genozymes for Bioproducts and Bioprocesses project

More information: Please contact Gabriela Capurro de Dargent (project manager) if you have questions, at (514) 848-2424 ext 5911 or gabrielacapurro [at]