SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

9 am – 5 pm

Concordia University (Hall Building)


Apply to Participate

Please note: We thank everyone for their interest in the event! Due to (1) a high rate of applications and (2) the need to enure a diversity of participants, applications are screened for attendance and not all people who apply can be invited. You will received notice of an invitation to attend or not, a few days after applying. We apologize to all those who are not invited.

World Wide Views on Biodiversity is an innovative international public consultation project giving citizens around the world the chance to communicate their positions on biodiversity issues. WWViews is held in preparation for the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD) Eleventh Conference of Parties (COP11) being held in India October 2012.

On 15 September 2012 thousands of citizens in 27 countries will meet to discuss and vote on the same biodiversity themes and questions. The Montreal event will involve participants from the city of Montreal, who will be asked to communicate their positions on biodiversity issues. Events will also be held in Calgary and Toronto.

The results will be shared with national COP11 delegates, and final global results will be presented at the COP11 negotiations. WWViews on Biodiversity gives policymakers the opportunity to take citizens’ views into account when deciding on policy measures and awareness raising initiatives to deal with the decline of biodiversity.

Participation includes:

  1. Breakfast, lunch and snacks/refreshments;
  2. A ‘certificate of completion’ from the Danish Board of Technology;
  3. An event package, including the WWViews information booklet;
  4. Payment of $50.00 for participation in the full day;
  5. Ability to interact with an artistic installation on biodiversity.

Anyone over 18 can apply to participate. Please apply here:

Learn more: and

If you have questions, please contact Shirley Tran, project manager, at: